Why Connection?

Rwanda youth

Building the bridge between country, people and culture

“Amakuru” means “hello” in Kinyarwanda, the mother tongue of the Rwandans. Every year, hundreds of young Germans learn this word, when they come to Rwanda for the first time, either in the framework of a voluntary social year or an internship. For many it is the first encounter with the African continent.

During their stay they gain many new experiences and get many new impressions.  Africa is different to Europe in many respects, and Rwanda is different to Germany. But this is just the impression you get at first sight.

Rwanda Connection wants to build a bridge between country, people and culture. Africa and Europe; Germany and Rwanda have many things in common. They are not just sharing a mutual history; especially young people share many interests. The times of letter friendships are soon over. The youth has faster ways to communicate.

Rwanda Connection as a youth network serves this aim: The fast exchange between the youth in Germany and in Rwanda. In our social networks, on Facebook and Twitter, young people can join and communicate in this way.

Beyond that Ruanda Connection regularly organizes youth meetings and cultural events to support an active exchange between the youth, and the German and Rwandan society in general.