Welcome Message


Dear youths,

Dear friends,

Dear parents,

Welcome to the website of Rwanda Connection.

Rwanda and Germany are historically connected. Today, the people of both countries are no longer living in two separate worlds. Germany is a guest in Rwanda and Rwandans are home in Germany.

The youth is a central link between our cultures. Youths are mobile, active and eager to learn something new. Mutual exchanges create close friendships. Regardless of being German or Rwandan, we are all young citizens of the world. Our potential in a globalised world has no limits in many respects.

We embody the intercultural understanding that is needed, today more than ever, to find solutions to the challenges of our contemporary world.

Rwanda Connections has the aim to bring our two cultures and different realities together. And by doing so, we bring the people together.

We can learn a lot from each other. Especially, youths have a lot to offer. Let us listen to them.

I’m looking forward to our cooperation.

Best regards,

Elisabeth Kaneza